DRK FreiwilligendienstDie Grundsätze des Roten Kreuzes und des Roten HalbmondsThe principles of the Red Cross and the Red CrescentОсновные принципы Красного креста и полумесяца
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The principles of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent


The principles were proclaimed in 1965 in Vienna by the 20th international Red Cross conference. The available text is adapted to the statutes that have been acclaimed later on at the 25th international Red Cross conference in 1986 in Geneva.

Source: www.drk.de


The international Red Cross and Red Crescent are created from the intention to indiscriminately help the wounded on the battlefields, keen to prevent and relieve suffering anywhere at anytime. The movement is eager to protect life and health as well as to earn respect to human dignity. It supports mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and durable peace throughout all people.


The Red Cross and Red Crescent movement does not distinguish between nationalities, race, religion, status or political convictions. It is plainly keen to help people by taking the specific degree of their distress in consideration and giving priority to urgent cases.


To keep the confidence of everyone the Red Cross and Red Crescent movement refrains from participating in any hostility as well as in political, racial, religious or ideological quarrels. 


The Red Cross and Red Crescent are independent. Even though national associations are subjected to state authorities and laws, in case of humanitarian activities, the movement has to keep a certain independence that allows to act on the basis of the principles of the Red Cross and the Red crescent.

Voluntary nature

The Red Cross and Red Crescent movement is the embodiment of voluntary and unselfish help without any profit aspirations.


In every country there can be only one Red Cross and Red Crescent society. It has to be open to everyone and to perform humanitarian activities throughout the whole sphere of influence.


The Red Cross and the Red Crescent are organisations that have a global extension at one's disposal. Every national association has got the same rights and is obliged to help other associations. 


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