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Mach mit! Wie geht's?

‘After so many years at school I want to take a break and do something more practical’

1500 adolescents and young adults per year are doing an FSJ in Saxony-Anhalt.

What is a Volunteering Social Year (FSJ)?

An FSJ is a legally secure, social, educational year for young people. During this year adolescents can work in hospitals, nursing homes, facilities for disabled and social stations. Moreover they participate in seminars that focus on personality development.

Who can participate?

The FSJ is an option for young people who are between 15 and 26 years old. The participants have the opportunity to experience a variety of jobs in the social sector. They are able to assess their own skills and learn how their work is perceived and assessed by others. The Youth Voluntary Service helps young people who have graduated to find out what they want to do professionally in the future.

What does the DRK Sachsen Anhalt offer?

The German Red Cross offers a volunteering opportunity for young people since 1964. Since 2011 the target group has become more diverse. Up to now 16 000 young people have decided to participate.

The FSJ at the GRC in practice

Every volunteer is working full time (40 hours) at either a nursing, educational or domestic environment.

The typical application field offered for volunteering by the GRC

·         Social work

·         Mobile Social Sector

·         Providing care for disabled

·         Hospitals

·         Charitable workshops

·         Nursing homes

·         Youth and free time homes ( Jugend-und Freitzeitheime)

·         Orphanages

·         Rehabilitations homes

·         Refugee homes

·         Protection from catastrophes

·         Integration help

·         FSJdigital offered from 01.09.2015


How will you find the correct work placement?

The GRC due to the big variety of facilities it offers, it tries to offer the volunteer a work placement that meets his interests and capabilities. We offer work placements in the whole region of Sachsen Anhalt including Harz, Altmark, Magdeburg and Halle.The applicant will have a personal meeting with one of our colleagues to find out what places are acceptable for him. In many cases there is the opportunity to visit the provided work placement for a day.

The employment usually begins on the 1st of September every year (a lateral entry is also possible).Usually the duration of the FSJ IS 12 months but it can be extended to 18 months. The participants receive a monthly remuneration. Accommodation and food expenses can be covered if requested.

For the duration of the FSJ social insurance will be provided for the volunteer.

What we offer

·         Monthly pocket money and grant for accommodation and food

·         Social, accident and liability insurance

·         26 days of holiday

·         Child support and orphan’s pension are usually additionally granted

·         The voluntary service can be recognised as an internship or ‘waiting time’ (Wartezeit) for training and studies

·         Free first aid course, which is provided by the GRC

·         A certificate and if requested, a qualified report

Seminars are also organised by the GRC , which last for 25 days. The accommodation and catering costs will be covered by the GRC of Saxony-Anhalt.

The seminar topics are as follows:

·         Job reflection

·         Job orientation

·         Future workshops

·         Specialised topics

·         Lectures regarding social topics and company policies

·         Creative opportunities

·         Free time opportunities


What do we expect?

You are committed to:

-work full-time

-participate in the seminars

-comply with the confidentiality obligations

-be ready to provide help when required




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