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Application by letter post

If you choose not to apply online it is up to you to send your application by letter post. Please send your application to:

Deutsches Rot Kreuz

Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

Rudolf-Breitscheid Str. 6

06110 Halle (Saale)


Preparing for the application

The first step should be a self-critical review. What do I have to offer?

a) professional expertise?

b) social competence?

The answers to these questions will reveal your "profile of qualification", which is the basis of your application.

Afterwards it is off to the 'packaging', which consists of two main parts:

1) an application file (written)

2) a job interview

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae always have to be in the original and got to finish with a signature and the current date. It is usually produced in tabular form. The curriculum vitae has to contain besides basic data like durations of employment, employers, position as well information like knowledge of the trade, special experiences, etc.

Highest rules are:


-completeness: if there are gaps you should be able to close with own explanations

-clarity: it should be possible to take the curriculum vitae in at one glance, also it should represent your career


Structure of the curriculum vitae:

1. Particulars

-first name and surname

-address and telephone number

-birth date and birth place

-marital status, number and age of children


2. School education

-place and type of school that you have been visiting, correct term of school-leaving qualification

3.Professional training/ apprenticeship

-type of professional training or university studies

-place of training/ employer


4.Professional practice

-term of position

-name and place of the company

-main focus of the job

-additional data

5. Further Education

-attended seminars or courses

6. Special knowledge

-language skills

-knowledge concernig certain lines of business

-driver's license


Advice for compiling the application file

1. covering letter/ letter of intent

2. curriculum vitae and passport photograph

3. profile of qualification

4. testimonials (chronological starting with the most recent)

5. references (if wanted)

6. sample of one's work (if wanted)

7. additional enclosures (work permit, clearnce certificate)

Copies of certificates

Usually references from previous employers, degree of graduation from university and/ or of former apprenticeships should be enclosed to the application, if they are of importance for your new employer.

Please note: Do not send originals, just in exceptional cases certified copies are demanded. Certifications of copies are produced by city- or district councils. Certificates and degrees that are acquired abroad need permission or approval that they are valid in Germany.

Size of application

Size and content of the application are depending on the type of application (speculative application or application based on a job advertisement)

  • try to fit in with the wishes of the advertisement
  • do not send any material that is not needed
  • do not send heavy applications (at the most 250g).


  • envelope (B4 or C4)
  • pay attention to give the right address
  • fundamentally no registered post
  • do not demand a return of the application through registered post.


  • absolute right stamp of application, do not annoy the company, some personnel managers have a look at the envelope
  • do not insert stamped addressed envelopes.

Preparation of the job interview

Having a thorough preparation can improve your chances within the job interview. The following advices should be observed:

Documnets in support of application:

-read through the documents in support of application that you handed in and bring them along in a file.

Content of the file:

  • job advertisement and invitation
  • covering letter
  • curriculum vitae
  • testimonials.

Obtain information:

  • size, program, type of company
  • procure a collective wage agreement
  • sort out transport links.

Documents concerning interviews:

  • draw up a catechism

(contents of the catechism:


organizational integration to the company

-training period

-probatinary trial)

  • late in the conversation:


-social security benefits offered by the company

-possibilities of further education

  • exterior:

-dandified appearance

-no suspicious clothing

-adapt clothing to the presumed habits of the company.


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