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Social Voluntary Year

"After all the years that I spent in school I want to do practical work."

Per annum 1500 voung persons and young adults work as volunteers within the Social Voluntary Year in Saxony-Anhalt.


What exactly is the "Social Voluntary Year"?

The Social Voluntary Year (FSJ) is an educational period, which is guaranteed by legal requirement. Within the Social Voluntary Year especially young persons get the chance to do practical work at hospitals, nursing homes, institutions for disabled or health and advice centres. Also the volunteers take place in seminars that are intended to support the peronality development.


Who is able to attend?

The Social Voluntary Year addresses young persons in between the age of 15 and 26. The participants are offered the possibility to experience different fields of work mainly in the sector of welfare work. The volunteers are going to learn how to assess their own abilities as well as  they are going to experience how their actions are recognized and judged by others. Social voluntary services are primarily helping young people to wise up after school to the fact of getting to know which goals they want to purchase in their working life.


Which services is the German Red federal state association of Saxony-Anhalt offering to you?

The German Red Cross is providing the possibility for young people to work as volunteers since 1964. Additional this opportunity is going to be offered to a larger target group from the beginning of July of 2011. Until now about 16.000 young people have embraced that offer.


How is the Social Voluntary Year working out in practice.

The assignment has to be served all-day (at least 20 at the most 40 hours per week) in the field of nursing, pedagogical or domestic occupations.

Typical areas offered by the German Red Cross are

  • health and advice centres
  • mobile social services
  • individual care of disabled persons
  • hospitals
  • old people's homes
  • health resorts
  • workshops of general benefit
  • agencies of drug advice
  • hostels for young workers
  • children's homes
  • refugee hostels
  • disaster control agencies.


How to find the right field of work and employer for you?

The German Red Cross is serving various areas of work and jobs to the volunteers considering their interests and abilities. We have a multitude of cooperation with organizations throughout the whole federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. Through personal conversations members of the staff of the voluntary services team will evaluate whether the applicants are suitable for certain areas of work. In most cases a possibility is given to realize a probationary day to find out more about the employees and the working conditions. The assignment is starting as a general rule annual at the 1st of September (but there is also a possibility to start at a moment later in time). The duration of the Social Voluntary Year is limited to a period of 12 months but it can also be extended till up to 18 months of employment. The participants receive a reimbursement and also as the need arises accomodation and catering would going to be reimbursed at least partially. For the duration of the voluntary service the participants receive a National Insurance without paying any premiums.


Our payments and services:

  • monthly pocket money and subsidy for accomodation and catering at the overall-extend of 300 Euro
  • National Insurance, accident insurance, personal liability insurance
  • 26 days of one's holidays
  • child benefit and orphans allowance as general rule are continued to be paid
  • the Social Voluntary Year can be acknowledged as wait or period of practical training for later on apprenticeships or university studies
  • a free of charge first-aid course organized by the German Red Cross
  • a certificate and by request a testimonial 

The voluntary service is accompanied by pedagogical reflection. 25 days of seminars are organized and designed by the German Red Cross. The affiliated expenses for accomodation and catering are agreed to be paid by the German Red Cross federal state association of Saxony-Anhalt.

Topics of the seminars can be for instance:

-reflection of the work as a voluntary

-possibilities in future work life

-subject specific topics

-lectures concerning social topics and topics that are related to society as a whole

-creative proposals

-leisure activities

Concerning the topics of the seminars we comply needs and wishes of the volunteers and also of their employers.


Our expectations

The participants commit to:

-collaborate all-day

-participate and contribute to the seminars

-be bound to maintain confidentiality

-absolute willingness to assist


Right here you can apply online for the new voluntary work platform. Further information for written applications sent by letter post can be found following the link.

We would be delighted to have the pleasure of your company soon.



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